2016 Episode Guide

Episode #2.21 - November 4, 2016

Down But Not Out

  • Both the Red Bulls and City lost the first leg of their playoff matchups. They’ll now be going into their return home second leg matchup looking for goals.
  • The Cosmos finished out their regular season well, receiving the top seed in The Championship playoffs, which begin this weekend.
  • We recap the games from October 27th - November 3rd.

Episode #2.20 - October 28, 2016

Playoff Preview

  • Both clubs won on Decision Day and finish in the top of the East. Now we look forward to the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, and hopefully (hopefully!) a Hudson Derby Eastern Conference Final!
  • We recap the games from October 19th - 26th.

Episode #2.19 - October 18, 2016

Decision Day Is Upon Us

  • The Red Bulls won, City lost, and Toronto FC lost, which means the Red Bulls will finish atop the Eastern Conference.
  • This weekend are the final games of the regular season and there is still a lot to play for. We break it all down in this week’s episode.
  • We recap the games from October 14th - 18th.

Episode #2.18 - October 14, 2016

Refreshed and Ready

  • Derby Day went camping over the international break in order to prepare for the rollercoaster that is the conclusion of the MLS regular season. With two games remaining, Tariq and Tim break down what is to come.

Episode #2.17 - September 27, 2016

A Clash of Divisions

  • The NASL is not doing well. Teams are leaving and they’re facing possible extinction, yet they want to be the new first division of US soccer?
  • Both the Red Bulls and City clinched playoff spots this last weekend.
  • We recap the games from September 21st - 26th.

Episode #2.16 - September 20, 2016

A City of Ties

  • It was ties all around for Red Bulls, City, and the Cosmos. Like they say, a draw is like kissing your sister. (We assume, neither of us have sisters.)
  • We recap the games from September 17th - 20th.

Episode #2.15 - September 17, 2016

Hey Oh!

  • After a honeymoon and a trip to Burning Man, Derby Day is back and ready to digest all that was and wasn’t in American soccer during the month of August.

Episode #2.14 - August 9, 2016

Reds Hate Refs

  • The ref robbed the Red Bulls of two penalties, but what else is new this season? It led to us drawing the Cosmos.
  • City and the Cosmos both played to uneventful draws.
  • We recap the games from August 2nd - 8th.

Episode #2.13 - August 3, 2016

Welcome Home Howard

  • Tim Howard returns home to New York in MLS only to get beat 5-1 by City.
  • We discuss the All-Star game and all its uselessness.
  • We recap the games from July 26th - August 1st.

Episode #2.12 - July 28, 2016

New York is Red

  • The Red Bulls won the derby and thus wins the 2016 regular season series.
  • We recap the games from July 20th - 26th.

Episode #2.11 - July 21, 2016

The Derby Fords the River

  • It’s time for the final derby match of the regular season. We discuss our predictions.
  • We recap the games from July 6th - 19th.

Episode #2.10 - July 9, 2016

A Blue Spot In the Derby

  • NYCFC wins their first derby match. Is New York blue?
  • We recap the games from June 29th - July 5th.

Episode #2.09 - June 29, 2016

Cups, Copas, and Cowherds

  • Now that the Copa America is over, we discuss our feelings on the US Mens National Team.
  • This weekend is the next derby match, so we discuss our predictions for the weekend.
  • We recap the games from June 2nd - 28th.

Episode #2.08 - June 2, 2016

Quicksand…Or Something Like That

  • The Red Bulls score a first half hat-trick against Toronto FC (or should we say, BWP scores a first half hat-trick).
  • NYCFC lets a lead slip into a 2-2 draw against Orlando City.
  • We recap the games from May 25th - June 1st.

Episode #2.07 - May 24, 2016

Siete a Cero

  • The Red Bulls have won the first derby match of the season 7-0.
  • In case you missed the first bullet point, the Red Bulls beat NYCFC 7-0.
  • 7-0!

Episode #2.06 - April 20, 2016

This Season is Written by Kafka

  •  It was losses all around in New York, regardless of division.
  • The only bright spot was Sky Blue FC, who started their season off with a win against Seattle.
  • We recap the games from April 13th - 19th.

Episode #2.05 - April 14, 2016

We’re Back from Sick Bay

  •  Tim and Tariq are back from their sick beds to report no wins for either of New York’s MLS teams.
  • NYCFC drew two matches at home, the Red Bulls still look awful, but the Cosmos start off strong with two wins.
  • We recap the games from March 23rd - April 12th.

Episode #2.04 - March 23, 2016

The Tables Turned

  • The Red Bulls pick up their first win of the season and City gets their first loss.
  • We discuss our opinions of the “oh-so-important” 2016 Guiness International Champions Cup.
  • We recap the games from March 17th - 22nd.

Episode #2.03 - March 17, 2016

The Canadian Equation

  • Both the Red Bulls and City played Canadian teams this last weekend. City escaped Giovinco’s wrath with a point whereas the Red Bulls continued their downward slide.
  • We recap the games from March 9th - 16th.

Episode #2.02 - March 9, 2016

There Will Be Penalties

  • There were penalties in both the Red Bulls and NYCFC’s games, though City fans will be the happier lot.
  • We recap the games from March 3rd - 8th.

Episode #2.01 - March 2, 2016

Opening Weekend 2016

  • The new MLS season is upon us! We preview the opening weekend’s games.
  • There’s a new women’s tournament called the SheBelieves Cup. We preview the cup’s matches.

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